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Is it useful to add toughened explosion-proof film to toughened glass explosion?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-10


recently, a tempered glass of Mr. Yao's shower room exploded. The glass broke all over the floor and the farthest fragments flew to the living room, it is five or six meters away. The door in the bathroom and the floor in the living room are scratched to varying degrees. Fortunately, Mr. Yao just walked past the bathroom door with his son in his arms at that time without being scratched by glass fragments. However, the little guy was scared and cried incessantly. In this regard, the merchant suggested that Mr. Yao install a tempered explosion-proof film. So, is the tempered explosion-proof film useful?

Is it useful to add toughened explosion-proof film to tempered glass explosion?

Mr. Yao said that the shower room was installed for only 4 months and cost nearly 1500 yuan. He and his wife were using it on weekdays and found no difference. ' If it explodes or someone is in the bathroom, I dare not think about the consequences. '

The reporter saw at the scene that the toughened glass of Mr. Yao's house was 1 cm thick. After the explosion, the original whole glass became'Spider web'.

after the incident, Mr. Yao called the merchant who sold the shower room to the scene to check. The Merchant's explanation is that the thermal expansion coefficient of tempered glass is relatively high, and sufficient telescopic space should be left during installation. When it was installed, the Coolie did not put a rubber pad between the glass and the metal holder, between the glass and the metal. 'Hard hit', Causing the explosion to occur.

after negotiation, the merchant who sold the shower room agreed to replace one side of glass for Mr. Yao free of charge, and suggested him to install toughened explosion-proof film.

experts said that the self-explosion rate of tempered glass stipulated by the state is 3‰. The simplest way to prevent the self-explosion of tempered glass is to stick an explosion-proof film on the glass. Even if it explodes, nor will it hurt people.

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