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Is glass insulation film useful?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-17


compared with changing window glass and making Wall insulation layer, the operation of glass film is simple and easy, it will not be like a curtain, but it will not have the sun. However, many consumers are skeptical about its effect. Is glass insulation film useful?

【Consumer] I don't know much about it. Different opinions

reporters interviewed many consumers at random. Most consumers said they didn't know about glass film and they didn't see any products sold in building materials city, I don't know where to buy it. Many people have questioned the effect of the car film. Ms. Chen, who has been paying attention to the glass film for two years, raised questions:' I used a thermal insulation film on my car, but I still feel that the car is hot, so I doubt how useful the building glass film can be. ' However, Mr. Wu, a consumer, believes that it is really effective after using the film on the car, and there will be no hot feeling. Ms. Zhang, a consumer, questioned the price. She felt that the car film would cost thousands of dollars, and the cost of building glass film would be too high. In addition, many consumers also proposed:' Summer is insulated, so will winter block the sun and make the room cold? ' The reporter interviewed several designers, and these professionals also had different opinions. Some designers recommend glass film, and for example' A taxi without a film is hotter than a private car. ' However, some designers said that their customers have used glass film, but they feel that the effect is not great.

【Market] Buying trouble and price confusion

reporters visited many building materials cities and found no glass film, only in the Oriental home building materials supermarket Guanzhuang store, I saw a 3M one with glass film for sale. After searching on the Internet, the reporter found that many manufacturers are producing and selling Glass Films, and most of them claim to be imported brands, the price also ranges from 100 yuan per square meter to more than 300 yuan, including construction costs. After contacting a number of brands, the reporter found that most of these glass films are sold directly by manufacturers, and some brand products can also be bought in building materials cities, but they are all sold by merchants such as windows, curtains and wallpapers, the display position is not obvious, so it is little known. According to a designer, the reporter came to an auto parts City in Sanhuan. Some of the merchants who operate auto film here also sell building Films. There are many kinds of films, the lowest price is more than ten yuan per square meter, and the highest can reach 500 or 600 yuan per square meter, the price of imported brands is more than 300 yuan per square meter.

【Expert] Rational view of heat insulation effect

Shanghai municipal construction committee, Science and Technology Commission, building materials office and other units organized on 1997Energy-saving safety glass film' Special research has been carried out, and the results of the heat insulation and energy saving comparative tests show that the outdoor temperature is 38℃- At 39℃, the indoor temperature of the room with laminated glass can be reduced by 3. 5% compared with that of the room with ordinary glass. 5 ° C. The energy-saving test results of the air conditioner show that for the two 16 m² rooms with the same conditions, the room with laminated glass saves 0. More electricity than the room with ordinary glass. 24 degrees/day.

The heat insulation effect of the glass film is an improvement on the original basis, which is'Health products'Not'Drugs'. After using the glass film, it does not mean that you can not use the air conditioner, the room is particularly cool, but after use, the skin is no longer burning and the air conditioner temperature can be raised, the use time can be reduced, thus reducing energy consumption. From the perspective of heat insulation effect, the larger the glass area, the better the effect, the effect of the glass curtain wall film will definitely be stronger than the effect of home use. He also pointed out that the film will block the sun, but the sun is not strong in winter, and it is not the main source of indoor insulation. The heat is spread from the high temperature to the low temperature, heating is used in winter in the north, and the indoor temperature is higher than that in the outside. Instead, a layer of protective medium is added after the glass is pasted with the film, which is also equivalent to better blocking the heat from spreading to the outside, thus playing a role in heat preservation.

Ren Zhixin, an expert group of curtain wall Engineering Committee of China Building Decoration Association, has conducted research on glass film for many years. He believes that from years of research results, glass film is indeed effective in heat insulation, and the film can also block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to household goods and skin while insulating.

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