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Introduction to the main forming form of PVC,

by:LINYANG     2020-06-28
Polyvinyl chloride is a typical type of plastics at present. The use of this plastic material can produce materials with relatively high hardness and can also form film-type materials. It can be said that its plasticity is very high. Many times, the plastic products we need to use are processed and manufactured from this material. The reason why it is a material worthy of use is mainly because of its moldability, which can form the freshness that we usually use. Membranes can also be formed into materials with higher hardness for use in construction or other engineering materials. The form of pvc transparent film is also the main form of plastic wrap. This is the main film type of this kind of pvc material. The production of pvc film is also very helpful for some industries in cities. ????Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as one of the five general-purpose plastics, currently ranks second in the world in terms of production after polyethylene. PVC resin has relatively strong polarity and plasticity. It has PVC film and PVC packaging materials in use. It has good processing properties and can produce products with various properties from hard to soft. It is precisely because of this super plasticity, and the huge difference in strength changes, so its scope of use has been greatly expanded and has been involved in all walks of life. This is also the main reason why it can become the second largest polymer in the world.
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