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Introduction to PE electrostatic film industry standards

by:LINYANG     2020-03-11
PE protective film, PE electrostatic membrane products in terms of raw materials and packaging can be divided into the following criteria: 1, main raw materials and components must be combined reasons: polyester PET products have optical performance fully, do not affect to watch vision; 2, the protective film on the surface of 3 must be made. More than 5 h hardening coating processing: after hardening coating processing of protective film on the surface can effectively prevent galling in daily touch or clean up damage, ensure protective film lasting if brightness is new. 3, PE electrostatic film laminating layer must be silicon ion electrostatic adsorption properties: combining strong glue viscosity not easy to peel, and have a certain corrosive, if paste on the LCD screen time is too long easy to erosion, the screen surface quality affect the display effects. Mild and silicon ion electrostatic plastic used on the LCD screen with no adhesive residue, no sticky screen, high temperature resistant, non corrosive, repeatedly paste and water-based cleaning etc. , in line with the safety and health, the objective requirement of the easy to operate. Packaging standard 1, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the state, shall not use toxic or harmful, corrosive or radioactive materials for product packaging. 2, packaging text must be dominated by the official text region sales content, if you need other auxiliary words, can only choose international general language such as English, Latin and Arabic words. 3, product trademark must indicate that the existing state: have already registered, please mark 'R'; In the national trademark office has been accepted, are registered, please mark 'TM'; It has no registration, and submit an application to the trademark bureau accepts the trademark, the existing state shall not fiction. 4, packaging must indicate the main ingredients of the products selected raw materials, characteristics, features, technical parameters, 3 d or flat structure, writing according to the facts, not fiction. 5, packaging must indicate name, address, telephone, fax, have a company website can increase website, let the consumer know exactly what the product source, the lack of such information shall belong to 3 without the product category.
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