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Introduction On 3 Kinds Of Cabinet

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Fire door cabinets have the most cost performance.

Korean-style cabinet designer of Han Li delivery told reporters, among six kinds of doors, fire board are the most cost-effective and best to take care of, fitting ordinary home use. In view of current market share, they have dominant position. Characteristics of this door are wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-infiltration, easy to clean, in line with use requirements, to adapt to the special environment of kitchen, catering to the cabinet rends of beautiful and practical combination.

It is known in different area fire board has different quality. The United States produces the thickest fire board; South Korea and Japan come second; China produces the thinnest. Due to different thickness, it makes a larger gap of final product in visual effect, abrasion and impact resistance. Thus, consumer should ask the origin when choosing fireproof doors.

Solid wood doors may not be all solid.

Selection of solid wood door of the cupboard in the kitchen, a return to nature, recovers one's original simplicity. Solid wood cabinets overall comparative fit preference pure wood middle-aged consumers use high-grade decoration, which is currently on the market the most high-end cabinets materials.

Han Li designer stated, solid wood door jamb is generally solid, but the cores, in order to ensure of no crack, no deformation, usually use the MDF pasted wood peel. However, according to insiders, although solid wood door is suitable for classical decoration style kitchen, at very significant level, but at present almost no one can produce without cracking domestically, as domestic production equipment and processing technology cannot reach requirements. Imported solid wood doors from Italy, Spain are good, but the price is very expensive.

Painted door is of most visual beauty.

Painted door is cheaper than solid wood and higher class than fire board, whose substrate is MDF. After milling and baking varnish processing, sheet color is very beautiful and have the most visual beauty. As well, its waterproof performance is good and it is easy to clean. There are 2 surface treatments called single-sided paint and double-sided paint of painted doors. If handling single-sided paint, it will easy to suffer less moisture resistance and deformation.

However, painting requires high level of technology, high reject rate, so the price is also high; when in use it must be carefully care to avoid bump and scratch, because it is very difficult to repair. Relatively speaking, benefits that plastic board substrate use seamless PVC film forming process, are rich colors, vivid grain, not cracking, no deformation, scratch resistant, heat resistant, anti fading, which is currently the most mature cabinet material with simple daily maintenance. At present domestic PVC plastic door is of less quality, the Germany high light and South Korea matte plastic doors are very popular. Users are young upscale consumers pursuing of fashion.

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