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Into the drunken beauty wuyuan, MCA 'wuyuan the garden','

by:LINYANG     2020-03-05
On April 15 - 17, MCA 'wuyuan, hoo garden' held successfully, and at the same time 'for the first session of the second meeting of the preparatory meeting & amp; Fujian branch set up preparatory conference 'was held smoothly. Looked at the young xie total travel again, visit 2014 APEC state banquet stage 'wind cui camellia oil factory, in ridge & amp; Is source of peach blossom island base, and metal products co. , LTD. , zhejiang China also attend the indications in the lounge Bridges during the conference room at the MCA fujian branch set up preparatory meeting, while learning to swim, also for the company diversified development laid a solid foundation in the future, the goods. 【 15 departure, & amp; Hoo park image 】 Hoo park in the evening, driving arrived, is extremely antique badge courtyard, a slice of the atmosphere but ease of scene, courtyards lined with white wall tiles, surrounded by a mere qingxi, place oneself among them, as in a picture of the density of ink painters, watch all carefully designed and carefully carved grinding, unknowingly issued 'would be each place scenery, are stories, attitudes, feelings are' regrets, books, such as reading a person, in the garden owner, 'it is not difficult to interpret this is MCA founding members, executive vice President of Cheng Huazhen Sir,' the heart of the branches flourish ', 'Gao Huai see physics, and too naive''s sense of honor. Mesoscopic overlooking the garden outside, rape has completely fade at this time, but also do not have visible green rapeseed flavour, also everywhere can smell the taste of the joy of harvest. Dinner is very rich, is a feast, and their own digging bamboo shoots, home of fermented bean curd, their pork and fish now, no pollution material are original, and stage of their own with APEC 2014 state banquet 'wind cui camellia oil into the food, flavor, showing infinite aftertaste. 【 16, forced the wind cui camellia oil factory visit; In ridge & amp; Is source of peach blossom island base visit 】 A visit 16 morning, MCA about wind cui camellia oil plant, the project at the same time as the ecological poverty relief aid plan, hoping to 'order + farmer' pattern bring wealth to the villagers here. Raw materials used in the factory processing from the surrounding mountain bamboo, not only in this way for the village out of poverty, at the same time in the nearby mountains created a tiny circulation economy. Then visited the wuyuan in ridge, an ancient village, thousand old tree, folds of rape terrace winding in the mountains here, formed a unique rural idyllic scene, exuberant. Then visited Mr Cheng Huazhen peach blossom island base, winding path leading to a secluded spot after the trail of 'be suddenly enlightened, vast land, houses, have a nice pool SangZhu genus, chickens, talking. 'Sight and when Mr Tao yuanming's' peach garden ', the name of the 'peach blossom island' base, everybody way, part of the base has begun to grow crops such as ginger, as Mr Cheng Huazhen say, three to five years later, this also slightly deserted base will be a scene of prosperity. 【 16, forced the first session of the second meeting of the preparatory meeting & amp; Fujian branch set up preparatory meeting 】 From the peach blossom island base after returning to the garden ', the conference room in the short and then held the first session of the second meeting of the MCA preparing the meeting. Present at the meeting were President, Mr Chen bo, executive director, Mr Wei-guo huang, the council members ling-ling, mr. zhang qiang, Mr Cheng Huazhen and ms Wang Cunfeng Sir, Mr Wong, vice chairman of Chinese calligraphy, President of shenzhen branch, Mr Xie Weifeng, jilin branch of Mr PangYaWen Chen Biao and member representatives. Meeting in executive secretary Mr ChangSunQiuYun presided over the opening, the delegates will 'are source forced air supply cui seminar' on the discussions, Mr Cheng Huazhen and expounds their comprehension on agriculture for everyone, rooted in the industry for ten years, and then to build a 'factory' for all to shock, make enterprise with conscience, do the best of camellia oil. After dinner, fujian branch set up preparatory meeting in short the official start of the conference room. Fuzhou branch of Mr Chen Geng, secretary general Mr Xie Wenshan and executive secretary of the Yangtze river Mr Towers are respectively the participants brief introduces the situation of fujian branch preparatory, as well as the time and theme of the meeting, their content such as scale, the conference process, and unanimously by the fujian branch set up time for May 22 - 24, will discuss new sea silk road 'miracle' capital power peak BBS. After the meeting go smoothly, we continue to actively share enthusiastically, intelligent collision, the atmosphere is high. 【 17, zhejiang China and metal products co. , LTD. Visit & amp; Return 】 17, before the return trip, visiting Cheng Huazhen Sir And hardware factory in zhejiang China. Organization in the workshop layout diagram caused everybody's consistent regrets, chairman in all departments, Mr Cheng Huazhen the wind of people skills. At this point, MCA ended 'wuyuan, hoo park'.
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