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Installation and fixing skills of plastic tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-02-03
Plastic tarpaulin is a waterproof material with good toughness, softness and high strength. It is often used as canvas, polyester with polyurethane coating or made of polyethylene plastic. Let's take a look at its fixing skills. First, spread the plastic tarpaulin, and then fix the four corners of the inner tent, so that the bottom of the tent can be laid flat on the ground and fixed firmly. bottom of the tent. When supporting the outer tent, in addition to being able to connect with the tent rod reliably, you should also pay attention to pulling the leash to make the outer tent taut, so that the outer tent can achieve the best rain resistance. The tent with skirt can use soft The soil or sand is well pressed to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds. When fixing the titration, there should be an inclination angle, the best viewing point is 35-45 degrees, the interval and direction of the ground nails should be the same axis as the reining rope, and the reining rope and the ground nails should form a 90-degree angle, so as to achieve the maximum the force strength. In the fixation sequence, attention should be paid to the corresponding fixation. After the entire tent is fixed, adjust the pull rope and pull wire so that the pulling force of all aspects is the same. After the plastic tarpaulin is finally supported, check the interval between the inner and outer tents. If they are attached together, it will affect the rain and dew protection, and should be adjusted in time. Plastic tarpaulin can be waterproof, but pay attention to the installation skills, master the installation skills, in order to better play its waterproof role.
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