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Information about the protective film pressure sensitive adhesive

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Pressure sensitive adhesive adhesion properties of pressure sensitive adhesive without heating, with finger pressure can glue, is a kind of adhesive peel strength. The adhesion characteristics of four elements: T ( Fast viscous force) < A( Adhesive force) < C( Cohesion) < K( Stick base force) 。 T_ adhesion or fast viscous force, it is a kind of interface displayed when stripping with finger contact adhesive tape handle viscous force. A- Adhesive force is strong adhesive strip. C - After cohesion refers to paste the cohesion strength of the adhesive layer. K - Stick base force between adhesive and substrate adhesion strength. Unseen sensitive adhesive with 1, natural rubber matrix of pressure sensitive adhesive, such as medical adhesive plaster and electrical insulation tape. 2, synthetic rubber matrix of pressure sensitive adhesive: common styrene-butadiene rubber, polyisobutylene and base rubber as main ingredients, such as transparent pressure-sensitive tape is polyisobutylene elastomer polymer and after half a liquid mixture by certain proportion, apply on the transparent substrate. 3, olefin polymers pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: mainly polyvinyl benzene ether and polyacrylate. Acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive matrix, is a monomer with unsaturated double bond under the action of a catalyst for free radical polymerization of acrylate resin. Aggregation of monomer can be divided into three categories: 1, viscous monomer, it is a carbon atom number is 4 - 12 alkyl acrylate, sticky, purity of polymer glass transition temperature was minus 20 - 70 ℃, commonly used with isooctyl acrylate and butyl acrylate, etc. 2, cohesive monomer, this is some of the glass transition temperature higher monomer, it not only can improve the cohesion of adhesive solution, and the resistance of 7 ki 'birth, cementing strength, transparency and so on also Yin show improvement. 3, modified monomers, the main is some monomer containing double need with reactive functional groups, such as a amide group containing carboxyl, hydroxyl acrylic acid derivatives. With other function crosslinking monomer, it can promote the polymerization reaction, speed up the polymerization to enhance the stability of adhesive solution. Pressure sensitive adhesive formula [ Formula 1] Natural rubber coumarone resin 30-100 Zinc oxide 30-150 150 antiager D 1 'a toluene solvent gasoline suitable amount of this formula is usually used by a large number of medical used zinc oxide adhesive plaster with pressure sensitive adhesive. Base material for the cotton belt. ( Formula 2] 1 up natural rubber styrene-butadiene rubber 64 terpene resin 150 antiager D 3 loose balsam moderate glycerin gasoline a toluene solvent mixed right amount
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