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Inferior plastic tablecloths may cause cancer

by:LINYANG     2020-02-04


A few days ago, Mr. Wang, an industry insider, said that long-term use of inferior plastic tablecloths may cause cancer.

Plastic tablecloths

Mr. Wang said that the common tablecloths on the market are roughly divided into cloth products, plastic products and plastic products. With' Waterproof and oil-proof effect, easy to scrub' The advantages of plastic, plastic tablecloths are very popular. Many plastic and plastic tablecloths are made of polyvinyl chloride. Although they are non-toxic, the vinyl chloride released after heat is toxic and may cause cancer. If vinyl chloride is added with plasticizer, it will also contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium, which are especially easy to adsorb grease in high-temperature food and sweat on hands, endangering people's health.

Therefore, Mr. Wang suggested that the tablecloth of plastic products should not be used. If it must be used, be sure to pay attention to the material of the tablecloth. If it is polyethylene, do not buy it, it is safer to choose polypropylene.

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