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In the surprise inspection, all five shopping malls are using ultra-thin non-green shopping bags

by:LINYANG     2020-01-16


On November 11-21, Shishi City Industrial and Commercial Bureau special business office conducted a surprise inspection on five shopping malls in the area, the surprise inspection is mainly to check whether the shopping malls are still using inferior non-environmentally friendly plastic shopping bags. In the operation, law enforcement officers filed a total of 5 cases and seized 1500 plastic shopping bags.

It is reported that law enforcement officers found that most of the plastic shopping bags sold in these five shopping malls are ultra-thin non-environmentally friendly film shopping bags with low cost and relevant indicators do not meet national standards. Law enforcement officers immediately detained plastic shopping bags that did not meet national standards.

'Plastic Limit Order' It has been nearly four years since the promulgation, and the shopping malls are still in mass use. Here, the industry and commerce department reminds:

1. The measures for the administration of paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places have clearly stipulated that plastic shopping bags that do not meet the relevant national standards shall not be sold in commodity retail places;

2. The price of plastic shopping bags shall be clearly marked according to law and shall not be lower than the cost of plastic shopping bags;

3. The sales voucher separately lists the quantity, unit price and payment of plastic shopping bags purchased by consumers.

4. Commodity retail outlets shall not sell plastic shopping bags that do not meet the relevant national standards. Offenders may be punished according to the 'Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China' and other laws and regulations.

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