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In the summer, tent storage which problems need to pay attention to when _ industry dynamic

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
Believe that a lot of friends in life are used all kinds of tarpaulins, in the transport of some large truck we often see trucks have a tent, tent of their main role is to prevent the rain, the more rain in the summer season, is necessary for the use of tarpaulins, but we need some for tarpaulins after use and placement, so need to pay attention to what place, here let small make up to explain to you. 1, first of all, after use, look at the tent if the above is wet, if it is, you need to dry or air dry, if you see the tent is not clean, want to cleaning, so well must pay attention to the protection of tarpaulins, should not wash too violent, to gently wash. Can't use some other reagents, this will for this tent has damage. 2, without using tarpaulin, folding must be standardized, so that we can make it easy to use for the next, without specification of fold can appear some creases, it can damage the service life of tarpaulins 3, when using, pay attention not to let something sharp cut, must have a scratch, so you need to repair for tarpaulins, but the effect is better than no repair after the repair discriminating, repair the effect will be almost, so be sure to pay attention to protect our tent.
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