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In June this year, the output of plastic film increased by 10. 5%

by:LINYANG     2020-02-07

In June, the output of plastic film was 80. 10 thousand tons, up year on year. 5%, the increase was significantly narrower than last year; The output of agricultural film is 12. 0 thousand tons, down 2. 5%, the demand for agricultural films shrank from last year.

The domestic economic growth is slowing down, and the downstream consumption of plastics is greatly restricted. As inflationary pressures further ease, CPI continues to decline, economic stimulus policies will increase, and the market is expected to continue to lower and cut interest rates. If the market outlook policy is gradually released, the downstream demand for plastics will show a certain growth, especially in the third quarter of the peak season, the plastic market will get rid of the current decline.

agricultural film enterprises mainly produce greenhouse films and garlic mulch films in the third quarter. Generally, the downstream stocking period usually comes in August. Judging from the market situation, the raw material inventory of Zibo agricultural film manufacturers has maintained a normal lower level, and the inventory of agricultural Film Enterprises in Shouguang and Qingzhou is not high. Except for the northwest and Yunnan, the production of greenhouse film in other areas has entered a stable period, and the overall operating rate has remained at 30%- In 60%, the solar film production enterprises entered the production season, and the manufacturers started construction. Near the end of the month, PVC prices in some petrochemical enterprises were lowered by 100- 200 yuan/ton, or will play a positive role in the stock of agricultural Film Enterprises.

as the production peak season in the third quarter approaches, the demand for raw materials from manufacturers will continue to rise. At that time, the plastic market will get rid of the declining situation.

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