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I first created a carbon dioxide degradation material plastic bag

by:LINYANG     2020-01-26


An exciting news came from CNOOC chemical company a few days ago. The company cooperated with Changchun Yinghua Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences to carry out carbon dioxide degradable plastics (PPC) Important progress has been made in downstream product application development projects. Researchers have successfully blown carbon dioxide degradable materials into films and made them into environmentally friendly plastic bags, which is the first in the world. After the introduction of China's 'Plastic limit order', the advent of this environmentally friendly plastic bag is encouraging.

It is understood that the plastic bag can be completely biodegradable under composting conditions without any impact on the environment. In the future, China National Offshore Oil Engineering Technology Center will also cooperate with relevant scientific research units to focus on developing high barrier films to make more rigid and thinner films to meet the requirements of food packaging, continuously explore the application fields of carbon dioxide degradable plastics.

The emission reduction and utilization of carbon dioxide has always been a difficult problem that all mankind is committed to solving. While causing temperature to rise, carbon dioxide is still a potential resource. To this end, CNOOC took the lead in the construction of a PPC plant with an annual output of 3000 tons in its chemical company. In order to cooperate with the construction of the project's production equipment and expand the application market of carbon dioxide plastic products, the company has also carried out a series of research and development on the application of PPC downstream products while building the equipment, the application of carbon dioxide degradable plastics in packaging field was studied and tested. At the same time, the company also cooperated with Changchun Yinghua Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences to give full play to the excellent performance of carbon dioxide plastics with high barrier property and low oxygen permeability.

It is understood that since the project was started in 2007, the purification, preliminary modification and sealing Test of carbon dioxide-based plastics have been carried out successively, large-scale pure production process Research completed PPC ash content less than 1000 ×10-6 and less than 50×10- 6 The design of two refining process routes passed the sealing, blending and controllable crosslinking tests on PPC. At the beginning of May this year, a 100 kg-grade film blowing test was carried out in Jiangsu Nantong Huasheng Co. , Ltd. 03mm film. As the impact and tear resistance of blown film products still need to be improved, the project research and development team will immediately increase the toughness of PPC materials as the research focus of blown film, the formula and process of PPC material were improved and optimized. At the end of June, 375 kg modified PPC materials for film blowing were tested again in Nantong Huasheng company and the film was successfully made into plastic bags.

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