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How to waterproof plastic tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-01-28
Plastic tarpaulin has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, creep resistance, repeated fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, bending resistance and bending resistance, etc. This is also a widely used tarpaulin, but how is plastic tarpaulin waterproof? First of all, the polyethylene waterproof plastic tarpaulin can use the aluminum soap waterproof method, which is a traditional waterproof method, which has a waterproof effect but is not durable. Then, the quaternary ammonium salt water repellent treatment method can be used, which has a better waterproof effect. Secondly, the polyethylene waterproof plastic tarpaulin is waterproofed with paint and wax, which has good waterproof effect and long service life. It is one of the widely used methods at present. Organosilicon water repellent treatment method can be used. Good waterproof effect, good hand feel, long service life, good air permeability and good climate adaptability. This is the current state of the art treatment. Currently, there are more and more logistics transporters on the road, who usually wrap the goods in tarpaulins to protect the goods. After the tarpaulin falls off, the goods are easily blown away by the wind and wet by the rain, resulting in loss of goods and increasing the amount of insurance compensation. In addition, the shedding of the tarpaulin also presents an opportunity for cargo thieves.
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