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How to use tarpaulin to better waterproof and sunshade-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-03
How to use tarpaulin to better waterproof and sunshade almost all tarpaulin sold on the market now has its sunshade and rain-proof performance. Of course, some consumers will also question if tarpaulin has the function of sunshade and rain-proof, then its service life will not be reduced, and we as a professional tarpaulin manufacturer, below, tarpaulin manufacturers, to introduce you to the awning cloth, also let you have a better understanding of tarpaulin. In fact, the outdoor awning cloth can be used outdoors for more than 3 years, and it will be longer if it is indoors. First of all, the awning cloth is made of 450D dyed polyester yarn through thickening and polite machine weaving, and also needs to be treated by waterproof UP coating environmental protection, this kind of awning cloth can be used as its awning, awning, fixed awning, sun protection awning and other outdoor use. Due to the particularity of the selection of awning cloth, it has the characteristics of bright colors, fashion and corrosion resistance, and there are many kinds of awning cloth colors, you can choose according to your own preferences. When the heavy rain is coming, we need to cover the tarpaulin for the goods to prevent the erosion of the rain. However, many people are busy and busy, and finally the tarpaulin is wrinkled and can not achieve the expected results, which is caused by the rules of the tarpaulin. How can we cover the tarpaulin quickly and neatly? First of all, it should be spread out, and then the four corners of the tarpaulin should be fixed first. If conditions permit, the mat can be padded under the goods so as to achieve the best waterproof effect. The fixing of the nail should have an inclination angle, and the point of view should be 35- 45 degrees is appropriate, the interval and direction of the nail into the ground and the rope should be the same axis, the rope and the nail into a 90 degree angle, which is conducive to reaching the maximum stress strength. Attention should be paid to the corresponding fixing in the fixing order, for example, the Left Front angle, the right back angle, the right front angle and the left back angle. After the whole tarpaulin is fixed, adjust the rope pulling wire to make all aspects of the pulling force work together. The skirt is tied with ropes, which is more conducive to windproof. Linyi tarpaulin manufacturers remind everyone to support tarpaulin, in addition to reliable connection with the Peng Rod, pay special attention to pull the rope, so that the tarpaulin is tight, so that the tarpaulin can achieve the best rainproof. I hope the above content will help you, we welcome your call!
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