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How to store plastic coated cloth?

by:LINYANG     2022-10-05
The use of rain-proof plastic-coated cloth in daily life can bring a lot of convenience. However, when the tarpaulin is used up, its folding and packaging troubles many people. The following tarpaulin factory will teach you how to fold and pack the rain-proof plastic-coated cloth. . First, spread the rain-proof plastic-coated cloth upwards and spread out two side ropes. Fold the two sides of the length direction to the center line of the tarpaulin. Then, divide the folded sides into three equal parts and connect them toward the center line. Fold twice. Thirdly, fold both sides of the rain-proof plastic-coated cloth in the width direction to the transverse center line of the rain-proof plastic-coated cloth, and fold them in half three times in a row to the middle, and then be firm. In addition, it is to use reserved rope to tie, tie crosses on both sides, tighten and tie tightly, and plug the rope end. In use, try to avoid the collision between the rain-proof plastic coated cloth and the sharp metal. If there is any damage, you can use glue to repair it. Also, if you use a rain-proof plastic-coated cloth to cover the goods, you should pay attention to reserving air vents. If it is too tight, it will cause water vapor to damage the goods. If the phenomenon of water seepage occurs after using for too long, it is time to replace the rain-proof plastic-coated cloth.
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