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How to solve the bubble in the production of protective film?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-26
In the production process of protective film products, bubbles sometimes occur, which is very troublesome. In order to solve this problem, many methods have been put forward, such as selecting appropriate ink, increasing the coating amount, enhancing the wettability of glue to the film, and improving the defects of poor local gluing; Increase the temperature and pressure of the composite roller; Reduce the recombination speed, increase the infiltration time and gluing time, etc. When making the protective film, the glue and film can be preheated and the temperature of the composite press roller can be increased; At the same time, clean the coating roller and strengthen the management of coating quantity and coating roller. For the coating roller, the new roller generally needs to be aluminized after it is used to 5 million M, and the plate is engraved after three chrome plating treatments, prevent the problems of poor appearance and low peeling strength caused by insufficient coating rollers. In order to adjust the viscosity of the protective film, attention should be paid to regularly replacing the coating roller. Within the viscosity range that meets the technical requirements, the requirements of the coating amount should be met through the coordination of the glue solid content and the coating roller. And adjust drying conditions, such as wind speed, temperature, etc. In addition, the coating amount used for manufacturing the protective film and the temperature and pressure of the composite press roller should be increased, the rubber hardness of the press roller should be increased, and the rubber hardness of the press roller should be increased to 80-Between 85 ° C. Adjust the 'wrap angle' angle of the film before the press roller, and enter the composite roller as far as possible according to the tangent direction. In addition, taking moisture-proof measures in the forming process of the protective film, such as keeping the environment dry, curing agent sealing package materials, etc. , can also have certain effects on improving bubble problems, thereby greatly improving the quality and use effect of the protective film.

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