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How to save production -? News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-28
How to save production in tarpaulin factory now we have always advocated an environment-friendly society. Thrift is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and can also be reflected in tarpaulin production. Therefore, tarpaulin factory has started to save production. The original processing mode of the Columbus factory has always been the processing personnel to the warehouse to collect the materials. Every time the production does not know how much raw materials are needed, they are taken at no cost, and how much is needed, so many times it will cause waste of raw materials. There are also scraps of production, all of which are lost in bags, which is really a waste of resources. In recent years, we have begun to strengthen the management of tarpaulin and adopted the raw material saving mode. Before use, we have accurately counted the required raw materials so as to unify the tarpaulin materials used in the workshop with the actual quantity, then all the raw materials will be clear and clear under our control. This method can save less resources and costs for enterprises, and the saved costs can produce a large number of products, increase sales and expand profits.
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