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How to remove the PVC sticker of the PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The removal of PVC stickers of PVC film includes:

1. Use a hair dryer to turn the hair dryer to the hot air position, and blow it against the pvc sticker, about 5 minutes or so. Just peel off the sticker gently.

2. Use a utility knife against the edge of the sticker to gently scrape to the middle, and slowly scrape the sticker off little by little. This method is effective, but it takes time. You can try it when you are not busy. Friends who are in a hurry suggest the third method.

3. Alcohol Use industrial alcohol or medical alcohol, smear it on the sticker, wipe it, and rub it a few times before it falls off.

This is how to remove the PVC sticker of the PVC film.
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