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How to reduce the tarpaulin shrinkage _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
As long as it is woven, prevent the products will be involved in this shrinkage, how to decrease the shrinkage, is the key technology to improve the quality of the tent, the tent factory is how to reduce the tarpaulin shrinkage? 1. Just even reduce tension in the bleaching process of smelting. 2. In any wet cloth to dry in the dyeing and finishing process are just even ShiSong tension, elongation landing preparedness width too narrow, if is a picture of the drying machine is used to add small capacity after open width to wear cloth box into the cloth rack to guard against open width and rolling tension between water is too large. 3. To master expansion during the course of mercerizing tension to confrontation and fabric width steady hand manipulation of weft tension. 4. The process of washing machine fabric guide rod. Rolling stick should be enhanced, the drying cylinder repair to ensure the smooth light. Guard against tension relaxation corrugate sink of guide roller to things, unified the machine roll before and after drying cylinder line rate should not be too big difference, warp tension control cloth don't sweep the floor shall prevail in the long table fragmentation process should be elastic conditioning open drop frame setting equipment deployment or segmented transmission control setting equipment deployment to control tension tests. 5. After mercerizing of the goods should be controlled after severe tension due to elongation after mercerizing process of the processing of warp shrinkage in foster workers produce manipulation can be semi-finished products width policy in each working procedure in each of the machine to the cloth in the measurement of the inspection, after the order to the former process inspection to ensure that the width of semi-finished products should be held. 6. About some activities necessary tension machine manual manipulation of the tension. Critical skills to manipulate, enhance skills and improve washing machine reduce tension effective landing fabric shrinkage. 7. Enhanced skills conditions for mercerizing procuratorial, conditional dye house can use chainless mercerizing and clip connection. 8. By the shrinkage of the larger species, in these species in the tight type processing. Only to relax the tension on this machine, is the best shrinkage is as high as 4% dispatch, the shrinkage and the appropriate chooses preshrinking main point to further down, goods after preshrinking disposal punishment not only washing shrinkage landed. Together can also obtain good touch feeling, texture clear light and soft. 9. About weft shrinkage is larger species, some due to the width of the grey is not reasonable, even reasonable processing conditions, still have bigger weft shrinkage of poor processing conditions shrinkage is bigger, it is necessary to choose further improve the essentials, mercerizing type to ensure that you arrive fall BuFu wide begged. Else is necessary on the fabric sample is improved, under the condition of not adding capital or add less capital, will be the width of the grey to relax, to ensure that the weft shrinkage to beg. Tarpaulins shrinkage not only affect the original width and length, tarpaulins more effect use effect, therefore, control of tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/shrinkage is very important.
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