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How to reduce the SMT production and processing in the process of electrostatic damage to electronic components

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
In electrostatic phenomena can be seen everywhere in our daily life, we wear chemical fiber materials, for example, in a day and the friction of the body, will take off at night due to electrostatic spark, electrostatic we easily observed, but in industrial production, especially the electronic products manufacturing, electrostatic cannot directly observe and feel, but harm nots allow to ignore. In SMT production process we cannot detect the slight electrostatic discharge for electronic devices is likely to cause serious damage to it. The function of electronic products with the rapid development of electronic technology is more and more powerful, the size is smaller and smaller, the cost is the electronic components of electrostatic sensitivity is higher and higher. High integration means that cell lines will be more and more narrow, tolerance of electrostatic discharge ability worse and worse. Electronic products in the production process, its components, components, finished product and equipment tools often contact, separation, friction and static electricity, you must use anti-static MATS, revolving cars, repair kits, tools, work chair ( Stool) , etc. , and with proper grounding, electrostatic discharge quickly. Electrostatic discharge breakdown caused by the components damage is the most common electronic industry, the most serious electrostatic hazard, it hard breakdown and soft breakdown. Hard breakdown is one-off components dielectric breakdown, burned or permanent failure; Soft breakdown is causing the deterioration of performance degradation or parameters of the device. Electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit board in the process of production process between the transfer and storage, you must use anti-static feeding box, component box, turnover box, plastic tray, etc. In order to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic hazard. Electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit board, as a finished product packaging must be used when the anti-static shielding bag, packing bag, packing boxes, article, basket, etc. , to avoid the electrostatic damage in the process of transportation. SMT material belt and a large number of special devices used by the new developed material also are static sensitive material, so that the electronic components, semiconductor devices in SMT processing, and SMT production, assembly and maintenance of the environment of static control demand is higher and higher. In SMT processing, on the other hand, electronic products, such as environment, production, use and maintenance to produce electrostatic will use a lot of types of polymer material, which is bound to electronic products electrostatic protection has brought more difficulties and challenges. This company specialized production and manufacturing SMT anti-static protective film, can be used for esd protection in the process of product flow processing, escort for your production safety.
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