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How to quickly solve the problem of tarpaulin rain leakage, we have a new way!

by:LINYANG     2022-10-05
It's the rainy season again, especially in the south. Every time a truck goes out to deliver goods, it has to experience violent storms and the market is so sluggish, so the card friends must cover the tarpaulin well, and don't take chances. I once saw a lot of people covering the tarpaulin in the rain on the road, and I thought why not cover it in advance? I don't know how much the owner deducted! When it comes to truck tarpaulins, oil canopies are generally used to cover the roof. The oil canopy is also made of rubber, which can play a role in preventing rain. If the tarpaulin is used for a long time, it will inevitably be scratched, and there will be needle holes, which cannot be seen outside, only when the tarpaulin is facing the sun. That's why sometimes looking at the tarp is fine, the cargo gets wet. Large holes are usually filled with fire in the place where the tarpaulin is made, but what about small needle holes? I once bought special tape for tarpaulins, which is fine for temporary use, but it will fall off when exposed to the sun for a longer time. I also bought special glue, 30 yuan a bottle, but after sticking it, it is usually fine for half a year. After that, the glue will be cured due to the heat, which is equal to 30 yuan once used, and the glue will be useless! Later, I found that the special glue is the same as the 502 quick glue, and it has been used for a year. The effect is the same, but the 502 glue is cheap. Just save it! Now let's talk about how to find the eye of the needle. First of all, when the car is out of stock, cover it with a tarpaulin, take a toothpick, you're right, take the toothpick, finish it all, and take off the tarp. I once tried without using a toothpick to make a mark, and the tarpaulin could not find a leak, so I found a small piece of new tarpaulin in the tarpaulin. Grab your scissors and a towel. There is also the protagonist 502 glue. Pull out a toothpick and wipe it with a cloth, cut a small piece of new tarpaulin, use 502 to apply glue around the small eye first, and place the small tarp on the eye of the needle. Remember not to use your hands, you know the consequences! Small loopholes are handled in this way, economical and easy to use.
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