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How to prolong the service life of tarpaulins improve the efficiency of using dynamic _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-04-02
How to prolong the service life of tarpaulins to increase efficiency is widely used tarpaulins, basic is cover can be anything! The transport industry, in particular, for vehicles, waterproof, moistureproof and have very good effect. That how to provide the life? Want to know, to choose good tarpaulins in the first place. Tent is good good choice according to the density of longitude and latitude, the higher the density, strength, the better, of course the quality is the best. Take a piece of tarpaulins, first look at the appearance, the more rough on the surface, the lower the quality. You can then hand try softness. Tarpaulin can be water to test with tarpaulins after hand rub and then pour water and see if it leaks, if the poor quality of tarpaulin can be a problem. Second should pay attention to maintenance, in the aspect of maintenance we ShangHeng tent that has the following several aspects: 1, tent when installation should pay attention to, not strong. Especially our vehicle or a warehouse. Because tarpaulins fold is smoothness, if strong pull, must have been something blocking the, be sure to find out why. 2, to prevent sharp instrument or points slip. Of course if you accidentally broke, to repair as soon as possible, or bad faster and faster. 3, pay attention to protect and clean, especially some some decay or chemical products, must tarpaulins thoroughly clean, after dried away. Materals such as vehicles, you don't love me, I do not love you. Normal use 5 - tarpaulins 10 years, and I remember when I was young, home have a tarpaulin, mainly cover wheat field, with more than 10 years, before and after you take good care of it, use fixed number of year will not be limited to 10 years. Tarpaulin production workshop tent in the middle of the raw material of tarpaulin products especially we ShangHeng tent factory, good quality and price of qualified, is well received by the users at home and abroad, if you need, please contact us Zhao Zong. Telephone: 13754728822 details: http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/query
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