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How to make the tarpaulins use longer, tarpaulin factory has four dynamic coup _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-04-03
We all know, tent is bought to be used, but how to use the right, as far as possible to prolong the service life of tarpaulins, increase the tent use value, a lot of people don't. The four tips below and see the tent factory, effectively prolong the service life of tarpaulins, create tarpaulins maximum value. According to tent factory that: 40% of tarpaulins damage in storage and package is received. So how to correctly receive package storage is the key. ( 1) Tarpaulins tile, first note heads, must remember to set aside next to two rope, will be a long two side bends to the tent in the middle of the. ( 2) Will have on both sides of the folded part again divided into three classes, and then to the middle folded twice in a row. ( 3) Next to the other side of the tent on the opposite side of the direction to the middle folded in half, then their position to the center line folded three times in the last step. ( 4) With out finally tied the rope, tied into a cross on the both sides of the rope head tucked up, frap tighten. ( 5) Tent storage to keep dry. After using, tarpaulins hung up to dry, found smudges, tarpaulins to gently scrub with water, cannot use chemical add detergent, also do not force scrub, gone to security and fabric surface waterproof membrane, affect the waterproof tarpaulins. Second, according to a tarpaulin factory statistics, 30% of the damage of tarpaulins appeared in the tent the improper repair. ( 1) Buy tarpaulins is used, in use process will inevitably cut, tear tarpaulin. Repair method is not correct to cause tarpaulins secondary damage. ( 2) Is one of the most common tarpaulins glue repair tarpaulins, it is important to note that at this moment, tarpaulins glue for small hole repair effect is better. If cut or tear had better use a sewing machine, in order to avoid tarpaulins glue residue or repair is not complete, lead to more broken holes, into a tear damage, beyond repair. ( 3) Sewing machine repair when had better choose double sewing machine, and the best of double insurance repair ( Inner ring and outer ring type repair, in order to have the waterproof effect) 。 ( 4) Conditional, or cut scope is bigger, can be cut into small pieces tarpaulins continue to use, or to heat sealing process to repair. Three, tarpaulins, maintain undeserved also damage the tent on the one hand, most tarpaulins naisuanjian corrosion, not so far away from the acid and alkali and organic solvent is the key, and found corrosion on the stained fluid to clean in time. Four, tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/when use, don't wear shoes directly trample, or the vehicle rolling etc, also don't drag and drop on the ground, so as not to wear the tear on in a tent.
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