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How to maintain the PVC three-proof tarpaulin in daily use?

by:LINYANG     2022-10-05
1. When the three-proof tarpaulin is unfolded, it should be placed in a good place and then unfolded to avoid damage to the insulation caused by pulling on the ground. 2. After the three-proof tarpaulin is used, it should be unfolded to dry and then packaged and stored for reuse. 3. Please predict the local wind, and when the wind is too strong, please reinforce the three-proof tarpaulin in advance. 4. During the handling of the three-proof tarpaulin, try to pay attention to the uniform force to prevent damage to the outer package and prevent the brute force from tearing the thermal insulation quilt. 5. When using the three-proof tarpaulin, avoid sharp objects from scratching the fabric, resulting in a decrease in the waterproof performance of the fabric. 6. Before the three-proof tarpaulin is unfolded, the ground should be checked, and sharp objects should be removed to prevent the insulation from being damaged by the surface cloth. 7. When the three-proof tarpaulin is stacked in inventory, attention should be paid to preventing moisture and rodent bites. Depending on the local humidity and climate, it should be dried regularly.
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