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How to maintain tarpaulins, how to store dynamic tarpaulins _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-04-03
Tarpaulin maintenance: tarpaulin used in every aspect, so how to make the tent's service life is longer. Tarpaulins after use, should be timely cleaning, because most of the tarpaulin used for sunshade, waterproof, rain, etc. After the sun and rain tarpaulins, can cause the skin collagen fibre and aging phenomenon such as leakage, leakage of rain late. So tent after use to timely cleaning, placed in ventilated the shade make its natural air, but don't put in the baking sun exposure or high temperature environment, do not use for a long time of tarpaulins to often take it out to dry the avoid tarpaulin on bacterium, pay attention to in the process of using, if there is a sharp instrument or sharp objects, is bound to put it ready, don't let it will affect the future tent cut to avoid the use of the role. Tent storage: tarpaulin used up, if stained with dirt, to wash out in a timely manner, to use some neutral mild detergent cleaning, try to avoid the destruction of tarpaulins, good cleaning should be in a timely manner after the above water damage to wipe clean, dry, dry deposit can be put in storage, after long-term don't have to pull out of tarpaulins regularly bask in the sun to avoid mildew. Also want to avoid direct sunlight, when sun sunshine point-blank can have an impact on cloth material. Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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