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How to install the decorative film of PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The installation procedure of the decorative film of PVC film is very professional. Professionally trained installers will use professional tools, use professional installation potions and special cleaning supplies to ensure the life of the decorative film. The installation process uses pure water without any alkali or salt, so it is smooth and tidy without bubbles, particles.

During the installation process, check whether the construction site is suitable for construction, and the measured area is required to be true and accurate, accurate to centimeters. Construction site treatment: work clothes are clean and tidy. Only wear shoe covers before entering the room. Check whether the glass and other items are in good condition. Generally, water mist is used to remove dust (the kettle is adjusted to a mist shape, and the water mist is sprayed in the film room or in front of the film window) to reduce the impact of dust on the film.
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