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How to improve PE electrostatic membrane technology?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
In the current PE electrostatic membrane technology still need to improve, why? PE electrostatic membrane 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 Mainly used for very light products, such as glass, smooth plastic, film, sheet, plate and other products, including dosage the biggest printing film factory. PE quality aspects of electrostatic protective film, can accept the present everyone's ideal level, but for more than 20 years, protective film technology has been promoted and change, in contrast, electrostatic protective film is lower than the previous protective film now quality is higher, is also a PE series, why there is a difference? Now more and more developed science and technology, and the quality of the products is more and more bad, this is not just appear on the PE electrostatic protective film, and many are the same, such as clothes fabric problems now, how to wear a dress how wash before, to be able to wear for a long time and not bad, but now an expensive clothes several times also seriously fade, it is a common fault of the market. China's PE electrostatic protective film of the production and use of the rapid development, significantly enhance the output value, has become the largest producer in the world. Follow the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, the daily necessities, food, medicine and all kinds of industrial goods packaging put forward higher request, high function, function RuanSu packaging materials into the main points of the development research, has high barrier property, high transparency, multiple function preservation, aseptic RuanSu packaging materials is becoming more and more been everyone's attention, and shows the increasing market demand. Bento development function is good, the exterior is proper, packaging operation, environmental safety of pharmaceutical packaging for food products, about the progress of China's food and pharmaceutical packaging, satisfied with the increasing market demand, to replace imports, enhance the capacity of food medicine commodity exports, has become very flash mission. Produce and use the current domestic electrostatic membrane is still in the high speed, low efficiency and high cost of extensive stage. Most goods level is low, there is a big distance with developed countries, especially in the case of protective film of the functional distance is more significant, most senior functional packaging materials depend on import, it has become restricting China's food, medicine, commodity packaging in one of the main elements. Using two-way stretch technology protective film in strength, rigidity and stability of the preparation, optical function, has the general protective film thickness uniformity of the incomparable advantage, therefore, in the food, pharmaceutical and other industrial products packaging occupies an important position. Because of the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumer to put forward higher and higher commodity packaging requirements. Green packaging is the need of environmental protection to carry out the trend of world, also represents the national packaging industry development trend, market competitiveness is progress of goods, to prevent one of the important content of new trade barriers. The greening of protective film also became one of the important development trend. The green packaging is not a complete consistent nature. The meaning of green packaging is the most important is to protect the environment, also with the meaning of both capital regeneration. According to the present we explained: modern electrostatic film production, have adopted advanced semi-automatic machinery production, thus achieved the high-speed production effect, and reduce the manpower cost, but also reduces the quality problem of the protective film. Mechanical production cannot be higher than the quality of the artificial production, this production in many products, are the same, artificial operating machinery not humanized control the quality problem of the protective film production.
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