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How to identify whether PVC plastic wrap is toxic?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-27


PVC plastic wrap is also polyvinyl chloride. Due to the need of production process, a large amount of plasticizer will be added to pvc plastic wrap during the production process, that is, the plasticizer we usually say. It is understood that CCTV exposed that a variety of PVC plastic wrap is toxic. But how to identify toxic plastic wrap, many people are really not very clear, see, touch, fire. Now I'll teach you three ways to identify:

How to identify whether PVC plastic wrap is toxic

1. On the description of the outer packaging product of plastic wrap, if it is marked with'PE” The words, or clearly marked material is polyethylene, can be used with confidence; If it is written in pvc material or not marked, do not buy it.

2. Take out a roll of PE plastic wrap and rub it with your hand. The viscosity is poor and it is easy to open; However, PVC plastic wrap has good viscosity and is not easy to unfold after rubbing by hand.

3. Ignite PE plastic wrap. If the flame is yellow after burning, it will not go out without the fire source. The plastic wrap drips down like wax oil, giving off a candle smell, is non-toxic polyethylene film. However, PVC plastic wrap is not easy to ignite and will go out after leaving the fire source, with an unpleasant pungent smell after burning.

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