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How to identify anti-static protective film?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
Anti-static film is imported anti-static agent is added to the PE material make its surface friction resistance up to 10 ~ 10 Ω itself does not produce static electricity, after high temperature to finalize the design the durability, thus play a good effect of anti-static electricity. To avoid static electricity on human body products and forced the bad job site. The surface resistance: 10 ~ 10 Ω. Antistatic agent has a variety of form, liquid, powder, there is also a cream, there are also solid. The use of different areas, different requirements for different antistatic agent, so not all antistatic agent can be used, but the need for different material, to achieve the requirement of the different choice of different types. Advised to choose a high polymer antistatic agent, one is environmental protection, the other is with good performance. Reduced the cost, improve the antistatic performance, is not affected by wet and dry environment, not precipitation, resistance stability. Suggest using professional esd test equipment inspection 1, resistance testing, surface resistance tester to test whether the surface has the antistatic effect, general membrane type antistatic effect is relatively weak, in e9-10 10 e11 shall prevail, with a high precision instrument testing to detect the range value, average resistance tester can be accurately detected this value. 2, friction voltage: electrostatic voltage tester is used to inspect its friction how high voltage, standard is in 100 v or less. Suggestions can use FMX - 003 static voltage tester, infrared sensor induction, affordable, the test is more accurate, test precision is: plus or minus 10 v. More than 10 v can be detected,)
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