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How to get your film listed on IMDb

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Hey fellow filmmakers. I'd like to share with you how you can get your film listed onto IMDb.


First,go to www.createspace.com, which is an on-demanding self-publishing platform and setup an account (for free). They will require you to mail to they a DVD copy of your film. Once they review your film it will go into their inventory database.

With your film registered with createspace it will also be available for sale on Amazon.com. Now any film available on Amazon.com is eligible for listing on IMDb. Then click here:


...to list your movie on the IMDb service. This entire process takes about 30 days and the cost you'll incur are a few dollars to mail your DVD to createspace.


This method will cost you some money (roughly $20 to $65) but I am sure you have probably spend that amount of money on less important things than your filmmaking career. This part is straight off the Without a Box site:

Get your own IMDb Title Page

IMDb wants to help you publicize and promote your movie as soon as it's ready for the world, not just after you've won recognition for it. Now, when you submit your project to a Withoutabox Partner Festival, you will be invited by email to create a Title Page on IMDb, the most recognized and trafficked movie site in the world.

Please note that certain festivals and types of films are not eligible for IMDb Title Pages, but the great majority are. You will be notified automatically if your submission is eligible, once it has been received by the festival.

If you already have a Title Page for your project, that's great. Just enter the URL in the Publicity: Website form when setting up any project on Withoutabox - and the 'match' will immediately be made.

If this method (which is much faster than the one mentioned above) interests you then you just go to www.withoutabox.com, create your free account and then look for the IMDb Qualifying section which by submitting to one of a list of film festivals qualifies your film to get an IMDb Title Page!

To Your Success!

Ian Agard

Filmmaker & Author of 'Stop Waiting and Make Your Movie'


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