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How to fold the tarpaulin does not take up space -? News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-03
How to fold the tarpaulin does not take up space when the tarpaulin is not needed to be stored later, how to fold it does not take up space and will not break down, let the tarpaulin face flat upward and spread out two side ropes, fold the sides of the length direction to the center line of the tarpaulin, then divide the folded sides into three equal parts and fold them twice toward the center line. Thirdly, the two sides of the cloth width direction are folded in the horizontal center line of the cloth, and each is folded three times in the middle and then practical. Try to avoid collision with sharp metal. If there is any damage, you can repair it with glue coating liquid, bundle it with reserved rope, cross it on both sides, and tighten the rope head tightly. The above folding is completed, and it can be stored in a clean and tidy place.
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