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How to fix plastic tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-02-03
When plastic tarpaulin wholesale manufacturers use plastic tarpaulins, they should be in a relatively flat area and the ground should be relatively dry. After unfolding the plastic tarpaulin, first fix the four corners of the inner tent, and lay the bottom of the tent on the floor. If conditions permit, you can lay a cushion on the bottom of the tent to protect the bottom of the tent and achieve the best waterproof effect. When supporting the outer tent, in addition to ensuring the connection with the tent pole, you should also pay attention to make the outer tent tight, so that the outer tent has good rain resistance, use a tent with skirts, and press it with soft soil and sand. Hold down with snow to help keep out the wind. In the fixing step, pay attention to fixing. After setting up the tent, check the distance between the inner and outer books. If they fit together, it will affect the rain and dew protection, so it must be adjusted. For plastic tarpaulins, do not touch hard-to-clean things such as carbon ink. After cleaning the wrapping paper of this color, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder, evenly, cool, and dry to prevent discoloration. Plastic tarpaulins should be cleaned regularly to avoid mildew and smell, and cannot be washed with a washing machine. If the plastic tarpaulin has small problems such as disconnection, disconnection, loose decorative parts, etc., it should be repaired immediately to prolong its life.
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