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How to distinguish the tent is made of new materials or recycled materials

by:LINYANG     2020-04-02
Recently had a customer consultation tarpaulin materials problems, tarpaulin factory explain for everybody here, how to distinguish the tent is made of new materials or recycled materials. Well-known tarpaulins raw materials using high pressure polyethylene, and high pressure polyethylene amounted to ten thousand yuan/ton, so a lot of small manufacturer from recycled materials instead of new materials, to produce a lot of bad, toxic tarpaulins, such as the infamous 'one-time tarpaulins', 'toxic tarpaulins'. Specifications in order to maintain the market, and in order to protect the health and consumer rights and interests of the broad masses of people. Tarpaulin factory is summarized for everybody 'a smell of two the three touch' method. A smell that smell the flavor of tarpaulins, new tarpaulins materials with pure non-toxic tasteless green high-pressure polyethylene, tasteless. And recycled materials PE tarpaulin material composition is complicated, additives, have pungent peculiar smell. Seriously affect the physical health of the user. Second look, the first look at the price, a penny a points goods, although trading market elastic space is huge, but always true good cost is high, the price has too many variables, are for reference only. The second tent color, new material color pure natural does not contain impurities. Recycled material not unified, containing numerous additives, color hair heavy rigid, and that contains a lot of black small particles on the surface of the tent, the same piece of tarpaulin visible have obvious color difference in different places. Three mode first touch tarpaulins, new tarpaulins feel is smooth, natural, there is a natural wax texture. To recover tarpaulins have obvious sense of plastic raw material, and feel is different for different parts of the same piece of tarpaulins difference is big. The second touch is tarpaulin toughness, new material PE tarpaulin wear-resistant folding, repeatedly rub no change, rather than recycling materials tarpaulin material composition is complicated, toughness is poor, repeatedly rub visible crease obviously. Third touch is tent waterproof and new material 100% waterproof tarpaulins, rather than recycling materials tarpaulin material and cotton fabric, linen fabric, such as poor adhesion affinity, rub a few times can be obviously infiltration phenomenon of spraying water, waterproof effect is poor. PE tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/waterproof tarpaulins, car tent, tent wholesale, tarpaulin manufacturers, tarpaulin rain wear, tarp tarpaulin, truck tarpaulin, sunshade tent, plastic tarpaulin linyi silver fir plastic tarpaulin contacts: manager zhao telephone: 13869919193
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