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How to distinguish the quality of the adhesive material is good or bad

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
1, to check whether there is burrs adhesive raw material, roll edge is bright and clean, no damage, adhesive raw materials is the basis of ensure the quality of the adhesive label printing, so the printing process must be carefully checked before the cutting edge of the reel stickers materials for burrs, whether the damaged due to improper storage and transportation, and volume will reel stickers materials under - Turn, carefully check the cutting edge. 2, check adhesion, adhesive raw materials edge bottom paper whether leakage on the edge of adhesion of silicone adhesive or raw material or the bottom paper with parts with silicone oil leakage, in the process of printing will cause surface when the waste paper, can't normal production. So, want to take a long 1 meter or so before printing adhesive material, strip away with the hand, take a look at the edge or other parts have not smooth uniform strip away. Usually, glossy paper and bottom paper edge adhesion occurred in a whole roll coating adhesive material cutting volume, and generally only happen in outer 7 meters to 10 meters, so in cutting edges of reel stickers materials have adhesion, don't immediately assert that the whole roll has this problem. In addition to pay attention to, the face of the strip light weight paper ( Such as 60 g/m2 and tissue of 80 g/m2) Heavier than stripping weight of glossy paper, the force used the lighter surface of paper, stripping when feel tight. Also because of this, sometimes according to customer requirements to the shape of die cutting strong glue adhesive materials from the customer's choice, will not be finished under the conventional printing speed. 3, to check whether there is crack the non-drying adhesive raw material material during cutting, if the cutting tool adjustment is not appropriate or not enough sharp edge, in the face of the adhesive material, cracks on the bottom of the paper or paper, pull crack of fiber would be adhesive stick. The occurrence of cracks may be continuous, also may be random, may appear on one side of the drum adhesive materials, may have on both sides, so the adhesive material in front of the computer printing, variable closely examine the bottom paper and whether there is a small crack on the paper. Then, take a pass the inspection of samples, strip on the bottom paper again check whether there is a crack in a paper and bottom paper below, because crack is sometimes very small, can only be found after separated at the end of paper and paper. It is important to note that due to the printing ink and adhesive will gradually accumulated in the process of printing on the paper guide roller printing machine, can also cause cracks on the edge of strong glue adhesive materials. So, even if have begun to printing, also can't suddenly the above problems. 4, different types of the non-drying label before use, it is important to test the type of adhesive, look at this kind of adhesive is belong to the adhesive, heat sealing glue or glue coated paper. Some of the adhesive would react with certain substances. For example, used as a sign of the non-drying label under certain conditions may pollute some special fabric. Some require a brief sticky label under the condition of exposure can produce lasting viscosity. And on the other hand, some need to have a lasting sticky label in some surface but will lose the sticky. 5, check the drum stick adhesive material cutting end is straight, whether the tightness of rewinding is consistent if reel stickers material cutting face not neat, not only affects the alignment when printing, but also waste arising from die cutting position change difficulties; The tightness of rewinding when inconsistent will cause printing paper tension changes, uneven tension will cause the same printing quality problems.
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