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How to distinguish the quality of tarpaulin from bad?

by:LINYANG     2022-09-27
The editor of the tarpaulin manufacturer talks about how to distinguish the quality of the tarpaulin: Under normal circumstances, the tarpaulin products with the same proportion of the area and the higher the price will definitely be of better quality. However, there are still certain disadvantages. The price is only one aspect, and the practicality is another aspect. It is not that the higher the price, the better the quality of the tarpaulin. A very important specification for the quality of the tarpaulin is the density of latitude and longitude. The higher the density, the better the strength, that is, the better the quality. Just look at the appearance, the rougher the surface, the lower the quality, so if you take a piece of tarpaulin, first look at the roughness, and then you can test the softness by hand. The main raw materials of the tarpaulin are introduced. In this chapter, a very specific explanation is given on the raw materials, and it is a very reference method to look at the quality of raw materials. Of course, if you add the price factor, I believe you can choose your own suitable products, but in the end, I still want to remind us that when buying, the tarpaulin can be checked with water, a good The tarpaulin product should be rubbed by hand and then sprinkled with water to see if it leaks. If the tarpaulin is of poor quality, there will be problems. The above is a brief description of how to distinguish the quality of the tarpaulin from the editor. We can briefly understand it. The content is for reference only, if you need to know about the consultation, you can contact our Yangzhou Wantai Tarpaulin Manufacturer.
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