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How to distinguish the quality of car explosion-proof membrane?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-27


How to distinguish the quality of automobile explosion-proof membrane?

1. Original warranty: only the warranty card presented by the manufacturer is the real mark of the original film. Please remember that only 8 manufacturers such as Weigu have passed the international window film Association (IWFA)Certification.

2. Anti-scratch: there is no anti-scratch layer on the surface of the inferior film. If it is gently wiped with alcohol, gasoline, etc. for 1 minute, the inferior film will be discolored; The surface of the high-quality film has a professional anti-scratch layer, which is not only more resistant to scratches, but also not easy to scratch, and will not be discolored after wiping with alcohol, gasoline, etc.

3. Hand feeling: the inferior film uses ordinary polyester film as the base material, which cannot meet the basic requirements of safety and explosion prevention of automobile film. The high-quality film uses an optical grade polyester film. This kind of polyester film is not only expensive, but also feels thick, smooth, compact in structure and high in strength, thus having high safety and excellent explosion-proof performance.

4. Color: inferior films are mainly dyed, so these pigments are adsorbed on the surface of the film, which not only has poor color uniformity and stability, serious color difference, but also is easier to fade and become fuzzy. The high-quality film is manufactured by magnetron sputtering process, and the precious metal atoms such as gold, silver, nickel, titanium, etc. are adsorbed by a strong magnetic field, which not only has uniform color, it is more natural with space metal color, high visual clarity and excellent permeability, and is very suitable for front glass of automobiles.

5. Technical parameters: Visible light transmittance, visible light reflectivity, heat insulation rate and ultraviolet barrier rate are currently commonly used performance indexes of car films. According to the optical principle, the basic relationship between the first three is: the higher the light transmittance, the lower the heat insulation rate; The higher the reflectivity, the higher the heat insulation rate. High reflection will bring great hidden dangers to the safety of car driving. Therefore, the three major requirements of high light transmission, high heat insulation and low reflection are the highest level of today's vehicle membrane technology. Therefore, when you choose a car film, you must balance the comparison.

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