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How to distinguish between three-proof tarpaulin and five-proof tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2022-10-04
How to distinguish the three-proof tarpaulin from the five-proof tarpaulin? The plastic-coated high-strength polyester tarpaulin of the PVC three-proof tarpaulin is based on high-strength polyester canvas, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin and accelerated A variety of chemical additives such as anti-mildew agent, anti-mildew agent, anti-aging agent, anti-aging agent, etc. are formed by high temperature plasticization. It is waterproof and mildew-proof, and the surface is specially treated to prevent slipping. It is an internationally popular waterproof cloth, and the width is very large, reaching 2 meters wide. When processing finished products, it can reduce seams and improve quality. Worry about leakage of pinholes. And can produce products with different functions, different colors and different thicknesses according to user needs. Due to its good anti-aging and tear-resistant properties, tarpaulins are widely used in transportation, logistics, construction sites, agricultural granaries and other fields. The use of tarpaulin is extremely wide, which brings great convenience to people's production and life. Tarpaulins are divided into three grades according to their use requirements: ordinary tarpaulin, three-proof tarpaulin, and five-proof tarpaulin. What are the 'three-proof tarpaulin' and 'five-proof tarpaulin'? The following is a detailed description of the tarpaulin related knowledge. 'Three defenses' have different interpretations in different fields. Among them, Baidu Encyclopedia's interpretation of 'three defenses' refers to 'anti-nuclear weapons, anti-biological weapons, and 'chemical weapons'. In the electronics industry, 'three defenses' refer to ' Anti-mildew, anti-moisture, anti-salt spray'; in agriculture, three-proof refers to 'drought, waterlogging, wind-proof'; in industry, three-proof refers to 'antifreeze, anti-skid, anti-poisoning'; in construction 'Waterproof, fireproof, shockproof'. The three-proof tarpaulin is different from the 'three-proof' mentioned above. The three-proof tarpaulin mainly refers to anti-aging, waterproof and mildew proof; the five-proof tarpaulin is not only the three-proof It is also required to be fireproof and anti-corrosion. The water pressure resistance value is required to be ≥2000MM water column, the cold resistance temperature is -20℃, the mildew resistance test is the first level, and the flame retardant grade is above V-2. This is the most important thing for the three-proof tarpaulin and the non-proof tarpaulin. Several requirements. Due to the extremely high quality requirements for the three-proof tarpaulin and the five-proof tarpaulin, the PVC material is mainly used, and the user can also choose the grade of the tarpaulin according to their needs. The following is the current PVC three-proof tarpaulin. Main application fields: 1. Freight tarpaulin for automobiles and trains; 2. Covering the stacks of open-air warehouses; 3. Building temporary granaries and open-air covering of various crops; 4. Building temporary sheds on various construction sites such as construction sites ; 5. Outer sheath of various machinery and equipment;
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