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How to detect qualified car membrane installation

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
Car sticker is mainly part of heat rays, block and prevent the glass suddenly burst to hurt, and so on and so forth, at the same time, according to the solar film performance, one-way perspective to achieve the purpose to protect the privacy of personal information. In addition, it can also reduce the car items and personnel damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, can reach the effect of saving fuel consumption at certain levels. How to judge the paster effect after sticker? Single can judge from appearance? , experts say, after the film from some appearance whether can know car membrane installation qualification, this major can pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Professional installation of car film, the film should be very close to the edge of the window, about 2 - clearance 3 mm, rough observation is not easy to find. 2. Professional installation must have the professional tools, using the ordinary pen knife ( Carbon steel blade) Cutting membrane and big iron scraping board shovel wash glass, observed under light side will find a lot of tiny scratches, even cross line. 3. Professional installation of car membrane, there should be no uneven by squeezing water and no rules to water path and produce visual ghosting, water mark, otherwise will seriously affect the driver's line of sight, cause potential safety hazard. 4. Professional installation of car membrane, the membrane should not exist within the defect and sundry, there can be no crease, bubbles, scratches at the membrane surface; If the naked eye film with stain, defect and sundry, suggests that such installation is unqualified; In addition because professional installation car membrane using professional blade, blade hardness is below the glass so cannot appear on a glass surface scratch. 5. Car membrane in the process of the installation, should remove the car accessories, after the installation, should check whether interior plate deformation, whether the window door ooze water.
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