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How to cover plastic tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-01-28
Good quality plastic tarpaulins are also very soft and easy to use. How to cover them when using them? When wrapping the corners of the tarpaulin, tighten the tarpaulin corner ropes so that the tarpaulin corners are unfolded inwards into a triangle, the two sides of the cloth corners are flattened and then folded to the end wall of the truck, and the corners are tightly wrapped at both ends of the vehicle to make the pressing ropes Squeeze the corners. Note that each car is covered with two tarpaulins, one end of the endless rope must be placed in the middle of the vehicle, and the overlap of the two tarpaulins needs to be folded. When folding, the upper tarpaulin should be folded upwards and back not less than 1000mm, and the lower tarpaulin should be pressed The upper tarpaulin, then fold the upper tarpaulin back halfway toward the lower tarpaulin, and then fold the folded part back toward the lower tarpaulin. When the vehicle is short, the excess part of the tarpaulin can be folded under the tarpaulin at the adjacent two waist ropes in the middle, and the two waist ropes of the folded part can be tightened diagonally; when the front is covered longitudinally, the tarpaulin on both sides of the truck sags. height should
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