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How to correctly use tarpaulins glue repair tarpaulins _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-04-02
Tarpaulin glue is we often use the rapid repair of damaged tarpaulins good things, but many people often use undeserved, not only cannot effectively repair tarpaulins, outsmart oneself instead, further outside the tent, and even lead to tent repaired lost opportunities. That how to use the tarpaulin glue to repair damaged tent? Tarpaulin adhesive for general repair of the hole and small tear tarpaulin. Ever la line knitting method is used to repair, not only cost more, and slowly, now with adhesive, many tarpaulins repair is simple, specific method is as follows: if is damaged, hole type can cut out two pieces of slightly larger than beforehand repair the vulnerability of the fabrics, tailoring the best fix edges rounded. First fill tarpaulins, outside the poster not tu PU fabric best facing, more wear-resisting. Evenly coated with glue, especially on the edge of a circle, with good, and then stick, stick good can not be at ease after besmear again, in the joint. Then according to the same method to repair the other also. 're done. If you still don't trust, can draw lessons from to repair the tire, the method of using file will cut tarpaulins, near the edge of 2 cm, friction slightly, to facilitate tarpaulins adhesive glue is better. In addition, in view of the relatively thick tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 After com/can stick the glue on the outer ring with double sewing machine sewing together. So no accident can rise 100% waterproof effect, does not affect use.
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