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How to control the transparency of PE protective film?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-20
The transparency of PE protective film is crucial to the quality of the product. Here, Yan Yang, the manufacturer of protective film, introduces how to improve the transparency of pe protective film: 1. PE protective film is a crystalline material, easy to crystallize, if not rapid cooling, is bound to reduce the transparency and elongation at break. Blow molding processing has poor cooling effect, high crystallinity and low film transparency. 2. Due to blowing, stretching and serious molecular orientation, the elongation at break is low; However, the casting production has good cooling effect, low crystallinity, good transparency and low orientation, so it has high elongation at break and good retraction. 3. Need to add the right amount of antifogging agent. 4. On the basis of the above, add transparent nucleating agent. 5. The raw material selection of PE protective film is low haze and high melt finger.
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