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How to choose the protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
Choose the protective film to clear two aims: first, the properties of the protective film: ( Viscosity, temperature tolerance, retention, with and without glue, the material quality, the presence of edge phenomenon, masking effect, tensile strength, length, stiffness, color, weatherability, high solubility, light and smooth degree, size precision, infiltration degree of tin & lt; Generally not & gt; , cohesion) 。 Second, the scope of use: ( Electronics, packaging, automotive, industrial packaging, clothing, circuit boards, electrical insulation, ordinary industrial cover) 。 Commonly used electronic components packaging protective film products are as follows: 1, textured coating characteristics: have excellent viscosity, good temperature resistance, good tensile strength, good retention, applied to be toasted many times under the environment of high temperature use: is widely used in electronic components such as: ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors, metallized capacitors, thermistors, etc. The braid in the process of product manufacturing. 2, cold-press protective film features: at the beginning of a viscous force, excellent protective film adhesive face sticks together, paper quality is good, there will be no edge, masking effect is better, and does not damage the surface of the core layer! Use: used for metallized capacitors sprayed gold covered. 3, hot melt coating characteristics: at the beginning of viscous force is small, in the case of heating immediately show excellent viscosity, combined with the carrier tape, fixed ability, good endurance is strong, good weather resistance, resistance to solvent resistance. Use: widely used in the finished product electronic parts. 4, tear tape feature: tear with viscous force is small at the beginning, when using two glue in the face of strong, easy to wear and take off tensile resistance is very good, will not have a fracture phenomenon, 6000 m to tear with significantly improve your productivity. Use: used for future braid resistance. 5, braid protective film features: protective film good stickiness, good tensile strength, good retention, uniform winding, the length of the specialty, saves loading frequency, improve production efficiency. Use: the protective film and paper tape, used for resistance and automatic plug-in second braid. 6, braid tape feature: paper tensile resistance is strong, good stiffness of the winding, used with protective film. And there are many colors for your choice. Use: the protective film and paper tape, used for resistance and automatic plug-in second braid. SY674 and hot melt coating used for finished products electronic parts. And: meguiar's protective film, special heat-resistant covered protective film, protective film, chip packing belt, layered free water wet water kraft paper, kraft paper, protective film, protective film, waterless kraft paper, protective film, protective film, PE protective film, protective film, PVC protective film, aluminum thin protective film, the protective film, fiber protective film, and so on.
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