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How to choose inflatable tent material

by:LINYANG     2020-06-01
For the outer tarpaulin of the inflatable tent, considering its fragility in harsh environments, attention should be paid to whether it adopts a ripstop structure, which is simply woven into a small square pattern, even if it is damaged by one point In the strong wind, the more you pull, the bigger. A few decades ago, almost all tent materials were waterproof canvas or rubber rain cloth, although they can meet the requirements of weather resistance, the weight is also full! So now that light and strong materials are widely used, let us see what kind of material is best for your tent. 1. Fabric: 1. Generally speaking, polyester is thin and light, with high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for mountaineers and hiking campers. Oxford cloth is thick, but heavy, suitable for making large tents for driving camping or small groups. 2. From the perspective of waterproof coating, although PVC (polyvinyl chloride) waterproof is good, it will become hard and brittle in winter, and it is easy to crease or break; PU (polyurethane) coating can not only overcome the defects of PVC, waterproof It's also pretty good. 3. Silver-coated material, which can prevent ultraviolet rays, mainly used for leisure beach tents, shade tents, advertising tents, etc. 4. Some ultra-light accounts are more popular now. Unlike the previous nylon and polyester fabric coated with PU layer to waterproof principle, it uses silicon coating (silicone) technology, which is much lighter in weight, but the price will be much more expensive. 2. Lining: Regarding the inner tent, it usually has two functions, heat insulation, moisture permeability and anti-mosquito. For the previous considerations, it usually uses polyester taffeta, which has good breathability and has a certain insulation capacity. And if you only need to prevent mosquitoes, then gauze is enough to deal with, when high density mesh is better. If it is a four-season tent or a mountain tent, there is no doubt that all the internal tents are composed of polyester taffetas to keep warm. If it is a tent or single tent in summer, for the sake of heat dissipation and ventilation, it is almost all gauze. For the third quarter account, it is a compromise and pragmatic choice that the gauze and the polyester taffeta occupy part each. 3. Bottom material: The main functions of the tent bottom are waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. The choice of bottom material also determines the grade of the tent. 1. The low price of PE-coated primer is the commonly used primer for low-end tents, but it is easily broken after repeated folding. 2. The PU coating base material, regardless of abrasion resistance or water resistance, greatly exceeds the PE base material and has a high cost performance
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