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How to choose car glass explosion-proof membrane?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-27


The car film is to stick a layer of film-like objects on the front and rear windshield, side window glass and skylight of the vehicle, this film-like object is also called a solar film or an explosion-proof heat-insulating film. Its function is mainly to block ultraviolet rays, block part of heat and prevent injuries caused by sudden burst of glass. At the same time, it can protect personal privacy according to the one-way perspective performance of the solar film. So, how to choose the car glass explosion-proof membrane?

How to choose car glass explosion-proof membrane?

The heat insulation performance of automobile glass explosion-proof film is a very important key factor to evaluate the quality of solar film, but the quality of film cannot be determined by eyes and hands alone. When buying a car glass explosion-proof membrane, the first thing is of course to choose a brand. A good car glass explosion-proof membrane is considered to be balanced in all aspects, and the quality is also guaranteed.

Secondly, when choosing the explosion-proof film of automobile glass, its clarity and transparency must be considered. The clarity of high-quality film can be as high as 90%, and the depth of color varies, transparency is very high. The window film, especially the film on both sides of the front row, should have a transmittance of 85% to _ L- It is more suitable, so that the side window film does not need to dig holes and does not affect the line of sight. When driving at night, the strong glare reflection of the rear headlights can be weakened, making the eyes very comfortable.

visual touch, car glass explosion-proof membrane has a certain thickness, so you can choose those thicker explosion-proof membrane, at the same time, the inferior car glass explosion-proof film feels very soft, lacks sufficient toughness, is not resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and is easy to age and brittle. Therefore, you can choose those car films with hard hand feeling when selecting. If the UV blocking rate is high, a high-quality film is required, and the UV blocking rate index is generally not less than 98%, up to 99% o High UV barrier rate can effectively prevent people in the car from being burned by ultraviolet rays at the site, and can also protect the sound inside the car from being sunburned. However, many inferior films do not have this index, or are far below the standard of 98%.

after choosing, you should also take your own maintenance card. Generally, the explosion-proof film of automobile glass has its own shelf life. After installing the film, you should remember to obtain the maintenance card. Car glass explosion-proof membrane is very important for cars, so the choice should be cautious.

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