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How to choose a PET protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
PE protective film and PET protective film packaging industry and surface protection products is the most widely used two kinds of protective film, many people only know the difference between these two kinds of material and USES, but when the real use then discovered here are quite large. PET is high, medium and low grade, chances are you buy an expensive use effect is quite good, but the cost is rising. With a cheap, maybe in the lamination process for less than required. That how to achieve their want to 'solve the problem, both cost and increase? 'This is the question about which PET protective film material. Must first understand the types of PET protective film, understand the kinds can choose the right and benefits of PET protective film, from the PET protective film thickness, viscosity, adhesive and layer to select, and appropriate and economical. For different industries will choose different PET protective film. Such as posted on the glass surface, it requires protective film viscosity can't is too high, no glue residue, also pay attention to cleanliness, fog degrees. General cleanliness by parameters ( 89, 92, 93, 95. . . ). The greater the numerical said cleanliness is higher. Some may also require scratch-resistant glass surface, 1H、2H、3H…. . ) The greater the same numerical scratch-resistant, the better. There may be some requirements anti * *, etc. The glass surface is only a general designation, the LED screen, lens and so on all belongs to the glass surface. If is stick on the surface of plastic specular surface, also the glue that demand is higher, generally choose low viscosity of protective film at this moment, if the sheet surface is such, that also requires protective film of low viscosity (generally 15 g Except special) , at the same time, some customers may also want that kind of automatic exhaust. If is stick on the surface of foam, generally choose 10 - 25 g viscosity of PET protection can! Unless it is special. If products are strict in dust, basic is to consider the PET protective film adhesive of silica gel. Thickness is generally according to customer requirements. Here tell me the use of glue layer thickness, the use of layer is usually the floorboard of the thickness of the base material with glue. If the use of the thick layer of glue is relatively soft, this joint is better, but it is not easy to tear. Thin layer of glue, relative to use layer is harder, also easy off. The specific use according to product requirements. The more protective film layer, is most silicone adhesive.
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