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How to calculate the density of tarpaulins dynamic _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-04-02
We all know that test analysis is an important standard of quality density. Can say that the density of tarpaulin products determine its quality. Tarpaulin with plain weave or twill weave, similar to the cloth, PE tarpaulin is no exception, the difference is that PE tarpaulin weft yarn weave USES is avirulent insipidity of high-pressure polyethylene processed. Generally speaking, the same specification, with yarn weave coefficient, the greater the density, tarpaulins, the better the quality. So how to test the density of tarpaulin? Manufacturers and wholesalers have density scale commonly, can not only detect the density of tarpaulins, can say as long as it is the density of textiles, weaving can detect. But density scale price expensive, belongs to a kind of precision instruments. Maintenance is not convenient. And there is a certain error. The following PE tarpaulin manufacturers how to number density for everyone. First of all, the density is to calculate as English unit, which is the number of weft yarn density to the inch. A simple example, average summer wear short-sleeved small unlined upper garment of cotton is C40 * 40 108 * 56, C, cotton, cotton, 40 x 40 on behalf of the weft yarn woven thickness specification, 108 by 56 is an inch of cloth weft yarn number, of course, this is the specifications of the fabric, actually finished products to reach 144 by 96 or so, that is a foot of cloth warp 144 root, weft 96 root ( In fact, in order to ensure the shrinkage weft yarn may be smaller) 。 PE tarpaulins, too, can use density mirror, will lay a good PE tarpaulin ( Can use g juki plunge grinding of gram) Latitude and longitude, distinguish good to ( Are generally count warp count zonal) And put it under the density mirror, starting from zero calibration, rotating power knob, to the end of the scale one, and then count yarn weave another direction vertical, it is concluded that the density of PE tarpaulin. Tarpaulins, of course, the more coarse yarn, can be used to direct count method. Looking for a British unit of ruler, them number. It should be noted that when several to central as a starting point, between the two root yarn if at the end of the number, more than 0. 5, not a root, should press 0. 75, if less than 0. 5 root, the press 0. 25. The fabric density should be measured 3 - commonly Four data, and then take the arithmetic mean as the determination results. That is how the density of tarpaulins, density is decided tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/an important standard of quality. Hope to be of help.
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