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by:LINYANG     2019-11-02
How to Build tarpaulin reasonably? Tarpaulin is now used in the courtyard of many families. It is very convenient to cover things or something, but many people do not know the correct way to build tarpaulin, so that tarpaulin does not achieve the best covering effect, the following is for everyone to share: how to build the tarpaulin is correct? Tents are usually used outdoors, and the choice of tarpaulin is also very important, but the outdoor environment cannot always be so perfect, so when the environment is relatively bad, how to build a tent? The following small series will briefly summarize a few: first, the slope, generally speaking, it is possible to find a sloping flat ground on the slope, the key is that when sleeping at night, sleeping bags and moisture-proof mats have less rubbing power, and people will slide down. If the slope is too large, then they cannot sleep. Solution: 1. If it is two people. Then you can choose to camp two trees close to each other under the tent when setting up the tent. If you can't find such a place, you can put two big stones under it, place the backpack in the middle of a tree or stone so that when you sleep at night, your head faces up and your feet step on the backpack at the bottom to sleep. But it won't roll down. 2. If it is a person, then it is better to solve it. When you choose to camp, you only need to lean the side of the tent against the tree or stone, and then place the backpack in the middle of the tree or stone, in this way, the overall weight of the person will be pressed on the side of the backpack. Second, the area of the camp is too small or the bottom of the rock is too much to clean. In case of such a situation, it should be flexibly used according to the geographical situation at that time. 1. If the bottom is uneven and there is no thicker floor mat, it is easy to tie the tarpaulin. At this time, you can find the hay or leaves to the bottom to fill. 2. If the camping area is too small and there is no way to clean it up, the tent can only be opened at this time and where to sleep flat, the key is not to hang empty at the bottom of the tent to avoid crushing the tarpaulin. Linyi Xuda Import and Export Co. , Ltd. provides you with professional knowledge. Other needs are welcome to inquire and serve you wholeheartedly.
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