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How to analyze and judge the strength of the protective film companies

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
For engaged in protective film are also more and more now, but for the protective film is there any role, is also less and less, to these I also don't have a lot of methods and techniques, because now a lot of person is engaged in protective film, but some people are for the protective film to make their own efforts, such as how to find a protective film inside some of the things, to these I also don't have much reason, lam jan told everyone here today, how to analyze and judge whether a big protective film manufacturers. 1, delivery time, speed, for these are to be compared, because some people in order to make you believe that he is a giant, others will find that are not their own factory to emit a rinse, so you also want to pay attention to these, the passage of time of shipment, and a small way to determine whether companies. 2, the business license, etc. , this is also a method, judge whether companies can shield to the registered capital because of you, because some people for the registered capital is also has a lot of understanding, so for these is you should pay attention to the problem, the registered capital is a condition of her judgment. 3, work, judging from some work of technology is one giant, this is also very important. Don't for you the goods, then you don't really huang meaning. 4, the scale, for this can only really make big, so you can go look at the field to the factory, have a look at whether a giant, metal is usually more powerful, so for these people to pay attention to.
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