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How the anti-static film antistatic?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-02
Anti-static protective film of a focus on prevention, because many electronic products such as electronic components, computer case, air conditioning panel, need to prevent electrostatic goods such as computer fan, then the dust goods inside or damage to the goods appearance, etc. , the antistatic protective film is particularly need to have the function of anti-static, so what is the antistatic principle of antistatic protective film. Anti-static film in the produce of time-division mainly in base material may be increased by a man named glue the increase of the antistatic agent and then has the anti-static function, on the market at present most of the protective film of the raw materials for PE or pet, in front of the blown film, in the raw material increase a certain share of antistatic agent slept mixing after screw plasticizing blown film forming, because of the antistatic agent through induction of water evenly spread within the membrane, and antistatic agent is low molecular weight and surface active agent, has the property of water moisture absorption, easy from the membrane hydrophilic migration to the finished product appearance, form a layer of water molecules, thus reach the discharge of electrostatic effect.
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